About the Artist

My name is Corrine Medway. I am 89 years old. I have enjoyed oil painting as a hobby on and off my entire adult life. I would like to create this website for my family and friends who have expressed an interest in seeing what I have accomplished.

A number of individuals have expressed interest in purchasing my work, but my paintings are not for sale. I hope after I am no longer here that my grandchildren might want to have them.

I studied at the Barnes Institute in Merion, Pennsylvania under the tutelage of Miss Violet De Mazia for four years.

I then attended Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania and took art classes with Brother Jack Stagliano for two years.

I studied at the Main Line Art School in Haverford, Pennsylvania receiving instruction from a variety of well-known artists for another three years. In the ensuing years till now I have been painting on my own.